And The Winner is:

Thank you to all of you for participating in our Quiz all month long. We received more than 900 answers from close to 200 Players and I believe that all of you had some fun and maybe learned a bit about the sport we love.

Here are all daily Winners:

1   Nasser Al-Khanjara
2   Jaquelene Teo
3   Marcus Krueger
4   Lisi Pokorny
5   Steve Gibbins
6   Cris Fraga
7   Jaquelene Teo
8   Nina Ho
9   Caroline Boysen
10  Alyson Hilbourn
11  Steve O Stewart
12  Doug Heil
13  Sabine v.d.w. Schroth
14  Scian Ray
15  Aurelia Schenkl
16  Herrebaut Dimitri
17  Alyson Hilbourn
18  Alexander Kleppe
19  Jens Bo Christensen
20  Paul Harker
21  David Hilbourne
22  Mats Kaellman
23  Peter Moeck
24  Wilda Oberacker
25  Britta Dildei
26  Bernd Sannemueller
27  Peter Henfling
28  Luke J Cox
29  Christa Himmelmann
30  Neil Parson

lucky winner

nd the Winners are:

the 4th Prize goes to David Hilbourne
the 3rd Prize goes to Britta Dildei
the 2nd Prize goes to Jens Bo Christensen
the 1st Prize goes to Mats Kaellman

Congratulations to all of you from the entire Dive Asia Team.

Enjoy your Prizes and we look forward to welcome you here in Phuket.Quiz2nd
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