Dive Asia’s June Giveaway.

Starting from the 1st June 2010 Dive Asia will be posting one diving related question online daily at 7am GMT giving you the chance at the end of the month to win some great prizes.

Each person one answer per day. Answers can be submitted via Facebook, Dive Asia’s Blog, Twitter or by eMail info@diveasia.com

All daily successful answers will be placed into a lucky dip and one name will be pulled out! The daily winner will be announced prior to following days question and at the end of the month 4 lucky names will be pulled out!

Check Facebook, Dive Asia’s blog and also Twitter to see the daily question.

1st prize is 4 days free diving with a maximum of 10 dives
2nd prize is 3 days free diving with a maximum of 7 dives
3rd prize is 2 days free diving with a maximum of 5 dives
4th prize is 1 day free diving

The final day for using the free dives is 15th December 2010.

Good luck from all at Dive Asia.

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