Dive site closures on Thailand’s Andaman cost

Right now you can read all sorts of news about various dive site closures on Thailand’s West cost.
We would like to clarify the situation and let you know the truce to the best of our knowledge and experience.

KSA_7There was coral bleaching that hit Malaysia and Thailand in May/June 2010. Shallow water hard corals down to about 15 meters on fringing reefs have been affected (fringing reefs are reefs around islands) but the bleaching has not much affected Soft Corals and has not significantly affected  the granite boulder sites we dive at so often.

The Thai Government has decided to close some reefs and we agree with their efforts to help protecting the reefs.

They have closed 17 dive sites all along Thailand’s west coast but only 2 sites in the Similans have been closed and non of our day trip dive sites.

For more details visit the special TAT – Tourism Authority of Thailand – Website.

Divers coming back from our day trips are coming back with big smiles and great reviews, having had an excellent trip and of course, great diving. Visit our Archive with our daily dive conditions where we have been recording all kinds of sightings on a daily basis in the past.

“Green” diving practices as well as information on how to protect the fragile coral reefs provided by our experienced Dive Guides and Instructors are naturally part of any of our dive briefings.

To ensure the future of one of the most wonderful diving areas in the world we support the closure of this sites. The closures are at dive sites we would not visit for this very reason and this is not affecting the conduct of our Day Trips

or Liveaboard cruises conducted by our Partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries and we respectfully request you to not believe everything you read in the press. Some even announced wrongly that all of the Similan and Surin National Parks and in fact the whole Andaman sea area where closed.









All pictures with courtesy of Nathaporn Chotmaneepithak and Khao Lak Scuba Adventure

3 thoughts on “Dive site closures on Thailand’s Andaman cost

  1. Hello, I have heard about a lots of dive sites, but still I am somewhat confused that which is the best dive site where I can registered easily and access them time to time without any error and can communicate with other registered users.

  2. Hey!! Really I am so impressed by the decision of government of Thailand. This is such a great step which they take for dive sites. This is really very useful and beneficial for diving people

  3. These dive sites are very enormous to see and showing wonderful diving areas in the world which support these sites to prevent their methods so we have to do something that nobody closure these sites.

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