Bright Smiles and Whale Sharks

With plenty of sunshine and calm seas on Friday, 7 June, and Monday, 9 June, we had the pleasure to dive once again with whale sharks during our Phi Phi Island cruise. On the Friday we saw an approximately five-meter long specimen at Ko Doc Mai. Ko Doc Mai is well known for Seahorses and Ghospipefishes. Therefore the excitement was very high to encounter a whale shark in good visibility of about 15 meters.

Check out the video of this encounter! (Requires JavaScript and the Adobe Flash Player)


On Monday we spotted a second whale shark in similar size at Ko Bida Nai.

Back on board our instructors Bee, Nicky, and Vicky smiled brighter than the sun.  It’s difficult to decide which was the highlight of the trips:  the two whale sharks or the beautiful smiles?